Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish you all a very happy, shiny new year full of everything you love!  Check out our gorgeous new 2021 collection packed with brand new pieces as well as old favourites in fresh new shades.  Rockin a new gym look that hugs my curves just the right way and looks put-together always motivates me to work a little harder and push a little further towards all my exciting fitness goals.  Hope Fiercely Fierce Wear has done that for you and/or can do that for you in this new year! 

I used to workout in baggy sweats and old tees (and honestly still do every now and then when I stumble out of bed early morning to my home gym for cardio), but many years ago when I became a fitness and dance instructor, I started to make a conscientious effort to look more put-together and wear super-cute fitness outfits.  I wanted to look professional and inspiring to my students, as well as inspire myself.  I also realized I was wearing leggings and tanks all day (and no other types of clothes) so figured it might as well look great!  It was a lot harder back 20 years ago - way less gorgeous fitness wear, sets, etc. out there, but I did the best I could.  As I started making stylish activewear choices I started feeling a mental shift when I'd go to teach a class or workout on my own in a new sassy look!  I realized it was just like the difference between never getting out of you PJs all day or getting a rockin outfit on to start your day with power!!!  I feel a huge difference between a workout done in old ratty loose sweats or an empowering curve-hugging Fiercely Fierce look!  One of my main missions for Fiercely Fierce is to help women everywhere celebrate and feel amazing in their own gorgeous bodies complimented by Fiercely Fierce Fit Wear!

How does your fitness outfit make you feel?

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