The Real Faces of Fiercely Fierce!

When I first started Fiercely Fierce last summer 2020, before I actually had customers, I tried to get as many photos of me in my Fiercely Fierce wear to show it in real life, in use, and on a real body - mine! 

As I got more customers, I really tried to showcase them rockin' their Fiercely Fierce pieces in their lives on our instagram, facebook, website, and even our new YouTube channel.  These real images resonated in a much stronger way with everyone than any model pics I used.  After overwhelming feedback, I have come to a very exciting conclusion/idea that I'm gonna need YOUR help with...  I want to move towards a site and social media full of only real customers of all looks, sizes, and shapes, looking fierce in their Fiercely Fierce Wear!  But, for this I'm going to need all of my beautiful Fiercies help!!!  Send me all your pics, selfies, videos, reviews, etc. of you in your Fiercely Fierce pieces to be included on our site and social media.  Each month I will have a prompt or theme that you can submit for as well, and a draw for more Fiercely gear from all the Fiercies who submit any photo or vid that month!  As usual I will be promoting you and telling a little bit about what you do with your photo in my Fiercely Fiercies section of the site and on IG - let's build am awesome and inspiring community!