2-Piece Strength Set

I love this set!  I hardly ever wear a whole set of a bright colour (I love my basic black), but this colour is super-vibrant and gorgeous and makes me look really together for one of my YouTube videos or classes.  The mesh cut-outs are sexy, but not too sexy that I can't walk down the street in them. And I like the assymetrical-ness of the cut-outs.  Comes with not-very-substantial removable bra pads, but I like it much better without them.  There is a removable strap on one side that can be taken off to make a total bare shoulder, but I would probably never wear it that way unless it was for a photo shoot or something I didn't need support for..  The sports bra can be worn on it's own and is supportive for all exercises.  It looked quite small for me when it arrived, but I tried it on and it stretched to fit me really well in the end. The leggings give quite a bit of support, are fairly thick (no see-through-ness) and are super-high-waisted - they can be rolled over if you don't like them too high! I personally find the leggings a bit too much hold for me to feel relaxed and everyday-comfy in them, but they do compress if you're looking for that.  There are so many beautiful colours in this set, I want them all!

Reviewed by Meagan Hesham, Owner of Fiercely Fierce

(5'8", usually wears size 8 - 10, 36B)

SIZE: MEDIUM (but I think a large would be better for me!)


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