Success Sports Bra Crop

I love this sports bra crop so much!  It's a similar fabric and structure as the Sexy Back (which I also love), but this one has got intricate cut-out designs both in front and in the back.  The front really looks like jewellery on your chest and the back is like 3 beautiful patterned leaves!.  I love to wear this under a low tank or even fancy top to cover up as well as add an ornamented dimension to my gym or going-out look.  Feels great on and gives lots of support for all workouts as well  daily life.  There's a wide band below chest level so I classify it as a sports bra crop and I really like this type of cut.  Comes with removable breast pads.  Also check out the Success Crop with Sleeves!

Reviewed by Fiercely Fierce owner, Meagan Hesham

5'8", usually wears size 8 - 10, 36B



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