Meet the Owner

Meet Meagan Hesham

I've had a deep passion for fitness and dance wear ever since I was a teenager (even before I actually got deep into fitness). Through my many years as a fitness and dance expert my passion has continued to grow! Juggling my roles as a bellydance instructor, fitness trainer, YouTuber, and mom of two, means living full-time in leggings and tanks, and going through as many as four sets of workout looks a day!  I was getting so tired of seeing plain, boring, mainly black tanks and leggings that all looked identical everywhere (even my favourite fitness wear shops).  I knew there must be so many unique, beautiful fitness styles out there and I wanted to compile all the fresh, gorgeous, feminine sporty looks in one place... so Fiercely Fierce was born!  

I only add pieces that I am super-excited about wearing and sweating in myself. You will see Fiercely Fierce pieces in action on my YouTube vids, and you can find my Owner Reviews and Top Picks throughout the site. My personal favourite details are ruffles, strappy designs, and sexy mesh!  I want all women to feel beautiful at every stage of their fitness journey and throughout life in general... I believe when you feel good, you do good!  I want Fiercely Fierce clothing to inspire and congratulate you for all that you do at the gym, in the studio, and in life!  

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